Issualin Santana.


I’ve been going for close to three years. Started out with my son and now myself. (I did not shop around the first time around but I did the second and I still chose them.) I love everything about this office. The staff at MBO is super nice and welcoming, appointments are quick, communicate everything they do, everyone is happy and smiling, Cookies are so good lol… I recommend 1000%

Jonathan Sanchez.


Very professional, clean and enjoyable. Great place!!


Debi Yohn.


I was impressed with the office from day one. They answer their phones, they stay on schedule and every question is answered. I completed treatment in less than a year and I am completely satisfied. PS They have great cookies!


Myki Laughs.


I have to say I really had a pleasant experience. I really do not like going to the dentist. Keeping my mouth open is such a chore. I could not help noticing how very reassuring the staff was. I felt as though they were doing everything to make my experience pleasant. It started from the ‘ I can help’ from the receptionist to the initial consultation with April.
I did not get a chance to think about the process because the dental assistant was so conversational. She kept me abreast of every little detail and complimented me for being a great patient throughout! That helped! Lol Both herself and the orthodontist worked smoothly together . In no time I was done. I could not believe it, a comfortable, pain free process!
I listened to the chatter of another dental assistant whose patient was a little kid . She was just as engaging and I could tell that the kid was totally relaxed. Truthfully, I did not compare prices. The atmosphere was so inviting, I made the decision on spot. They did not ask me to say this!! Lol Trust me, I would not have said so if I’d felt otherwise!
Great Dr. great staff, I highly recommend them.
I wore your shirt and unboxed your gift on my YouTube channel (Myki Laughs)this morning! I really had a pleasant experience. Thank you all so very much!
That was an amazing cookie! Oh man, so glad I had one before I got my teeth behind bars!
I can’t wait to see my updated smile! Thank you all so very much.

Julie Rivera.


All staff is friendly: the ladies who book the appointments, the hygienists and the doctors. They are prompt to keep their appointments and the place is immaculately clean!




Absolutely LOVE the people here! Feels like family!!


Marie Geralde Elisabeth Bazelais


New owner Same Love ! Or even better! Best of luck to the NEW TEAM ! Dr Benitez you ROCK!


Linda Boodram.


Very efficient and a friendly pleasant office


Blemaine Zagor.

Great Ortho…great service, very clean office.
I would recommend them to all of my friends.