Our Orthodontists are Certified Invisalign® Teen Providers

Invisalign® Teen is the perfect option for active teens. Whether you or your child is active in sports, theater, music, or dance Invisalign® Teen is a great alternative to clear braces. Invisalign® Teen is more comfortable to wear and it is easier for you or your child to keep a clean and healthy mouth than clear or metal braces. Dr. Meier, and our skilled orthodontic team can provide orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® Teen for a wide variety of different malocclusions (bad/poor bites). Our orthodontist can obtain exception results with Invisalign treatment due to the extensive training. We will discuss this treatment option for your during our complimentary consultation.

Invisalign® Teen – Clear alternative to metal or clear braces

Undergoing orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® Teen has many advantages – excellent esthetics, easy to clean and maintain, and treatment on your time. You can always remove the plastic aligners during any social event and continue orthodontic treatment once the event is over. Your orthodontic treatment on your terms.

More Training & Education, More Confident Results​

Invisalign® has been providing clear aligners as a treatment option for orthodontists since 1999 and later introduced them to family dentists. Our orthodontists spent an additional 2 years of formal training in a full time orthodontic residency gaining comprehensive experience in Invisalign® and braces. Due to Dr. Meier extensive training in orthodontics, he is able to correct many cases that were previously thought to be corrected only with braces. Dr. Meier is happy to offer Invisalign® and Invisalign® Teen to our patients in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, and Northern Palm Beach County.


We Stand by Our Results

Your satisfaction is very important to our practice. That’s we offer every Invisalign® patient to have their orthodontic treatment completed in braces if we do not achieve the result you desire with Invisalign® alone.