Here’s another reason to smile – financing on your terms!

Treat others as you would like to be treated…Our golden rule. We would like people to make our lives easier not harder, so we help reduce headaches by providing flexible, easy, stress-free financing. We believe your orthodontic treatment should be on your terms!

Paying For Your Treatment

Unique Payment Terms Tailored For You

DOWN PAYMENTSLow Down Payments

A down payment shouldn’t get in the way of a beautiful smile. We offer down payments that you can actually afford.

MONTHLY PAYMENTSFlexible Monthly Payments

We provide plans to help reduce your monthly expenses. Why? We know families may need some extra cash for those unexpected events, so we offer payments that you’re comfortable making.

If you have questions, we’ve got answers.

Will insurance cover my orthodontic treatment?

Dental insurance plans may offer an orthodontic benefit, which help help cover the cost of orthodontic treatment. This orthodontic treatment includes metal braces, clear braces, and even Invisalign. Please be aware not all dental insurance plans are the same. Some standard dental insurance plans may not cover orthodontic treatment. In order to be sure, you may contact your insurance provider to determine your orthodontic coverage.

Can I use my Flex Spending Account (FSA) to cover orthodontic treatment?

​Orthodontic treatment may qualify for Flex Spending Account reimbursement. We will be happy to verify your eligibility and help you through the application process.