Meier Orthodontics was founded by Dr. Scott Meier in 1998. For over 20 years, Dr. Meier worked as a solo practitioner with a strong practice philosophy that still holds strong today:

To strive for excellence, treat every patient as a member of our family, and to make North Palm Beach a better community through our involvement.

Please read more about our founder, Dr. Scott Meier, here

In 2019, Meier Orthodontics became Meier & Benitez Orthodontics by adding to our talent, Dr. Christian Benitez! A little fun fact…the professional relationship between Dr. Benitez and Dr. Meier started 10 years earlier in 2009 when Dr. Benitez walked into Meier Orthodontics looking for a job for the 12 months between his undergraduate and dental school training. Fast forward through the next 10 years of Dr. B’s dental education and work experience…to January 2019 when Dr. Benitez joins forces with Dr. Meier to create MEIER & BENITEZ ORTHODONTICS!

After many discussions about how we can serve the western communities in Palm Beach County, it finally happened. In September 2020, Meier & Benitez- Wellington was created!